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Why I Blog

I started this blog for a few reasons. First, I love designing – be it my own home, for a friend or even just fantasy rooms in my head. Secondly, I find myself being asked for advice with color choices for paint, cabinets, fabric and so on. Lastly, because I am hesitant to give my honest true opinion on design directly to said friends and family. You can never tell when they want real advice or if they are just looking for affirmation. I figure a blog is the best outlet for me to share my opinions on design without directly insulting anyone’s design choices. I’m sure it will happen in some form though.

That is the nature of design, it can stir such feelings of pride and passion because at it’s root, design is a reflection of who you are as a person. A good designer is one who can help you express yourself through style choices, so if you have one that tries to understand you, hang onto them! There are more than a few who only know their own style that try to force it on your home. Others only know the style of the moment, HGTV runs their business and your wallet. I still struggle at times with finding my own style, but not because I am a poor designer. My problem is that I love them all! I love all the possibilities, the colors, fabrics. Mid century modern – yes! Traditional – yes! French country – yes! Contemporary – yes! Don’t even get me started on textures…

So, why should you trust my opinion? You don’t. I am simply here to inspire and offer my experience, my failures, and my successes. I come with a bit of street cred though, I was a florist for many years and an interior designer. I’ve also been to trade school for horticulture so that means gardening tips will sneak in here from time to time. Who am I kidding? In spring that may be all you see from me, I have this weird thing for plants to!

This design blog will not be like others that show you artsy staged rooms and poetic photos of lone chairs with an apple on it. I am committed to designing around real life. I see so many beautifully staged design blogs that promise a better life if you just paint your dresser a sheik new color; but in reality, that crap won’t look right or work in your home. I’m gonna save you some heartache or cause it. This is about harsh truths that your best friend wouldn’t tell you. That chalk paint doesn’t always fix the funky table you have in the corner, sometimes it is just junk and you need to throw it out and move on. That is my life’s motto by the way.

Enjoy the blog!

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