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DIY Live Edge Desk

I searched & searched for the perfect desk. I spent hours pouring over websites and Pinterest in hopes that one would strike my fancy and be the perfect size, color and price. I found a few that I really liked, but my wallet hated them! I started thinking about what attracted me to certain desks and breaking them down. In essence, they were just a wooden rectangle with 4 legs and if I wanted to pay an extra $300 I could get a few drawers along with them. Most desks were averaging $399 – $899! The ones that were under $300 were all pressboard or plastic creations that would fall apart just by looking at them.

My husband and I began looking into making one – after all it was just a wooden slab with a few legs, it would be easy right? One option we tossed around was using an old door but it would be too long and cutting it would effectively ruin the look we were going for. I mean, it would be a door with legs so really not that cool or unique. During our months long search, we happened upon a salvage business that had live edge wood slabs that they were selling as mantles. And then the angels sang. A ray of sunlight fell on the smiling face of my husband and then passed over to illuminate the stack of wood in the corner of the store. A bit melodramatic I know, but honestly that was the way it felt. Just look at these beauties – store slabs

Euphoria quickly passed to dismay when we saw the price tags, nothing under $700 for raw wood. If we got the slab sanded and an epoxy coat it would be over $1000. Wasn’t going to happen, not in this lifetime! We talked the whole way home at how disappointed we were at pricing and were about to give up and go with some cheap mass-produced desk. Once home I searched the web for slab wood and came across a local sawmill that advertised raw live edge slabs for sale. The next day we made a trip to said sawmill and we were overjoyed to find the pricing to be affordable. We picked up a beautiful maple slab for $78! Here she is in her primitive state – rough slab

The sawmill offered sanding and epoxy finish services for an additional $150 so we said yes to the desk! Here is a couple of pics of the sanded glazed slab below; we did a photo with flash and one without so the true color of the grain comes out –

We picked it up a couple of days later and went to work installing in the office. It was actually pretty easy to do, we picked up a 2×4, two galvanized pipes with threaded ends, two metal flanges, and two round threaded pipe end caps. Total cost for those materials was about $40 and they are easily sourced at Lowes or Home Depot.

We bolted the 2×4 to the wall after sizing the height of the pipe legs and desk top. Then we pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the desk for the flanges that the pipe legs would screw into. We put the pipe legs on, added the round caps to the bottom of the feet and set the back edge of the slab on top of the 2×4. Once we had it positioned, we attached the back to the 2×4 with really long wood screws. The thread feet of the pipe caps came in handy when trying to level with the floor, we were able to twist adjust just like on the feet of a bed frame or couch. Here is the finished result – desk installedWe love how it turned out and best of all it is movable! This photo was taken in our former home, we have since moved and the desk came with us. I would show an updated shot, but my hubby is kind of messy with his desk and I honestly do not feel like cleaning it off for a picture! In all seriousness, we have had many compliments on the desk, it is unique, it is us and it is functional.

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  1. Character is what you found in this slab, and that can never be found in the regular box store. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!

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