I spent the better part of my youth loving flowers – growing them, stealing blooms, arranging them, and photographing them. I loved them so much that I joined a trade program that my high school offered. It was called floriculture and it included learning the florist trade, landscape architecture, and horticulture. It was a really awesome program and I am thankful that this trade school had something to offer besides construction, automotive and cosmetology. Since I already knew how to identify plants and garden – something that was instilled in me at a young age by my mother – I figured the trade course would be an easy ‘A’. For me it kind of was, some things were challenging but others just came natural. I didn’t think then that I would have a career in flowers but I went on a few years later to study under a wonderful self taught florist who had a natural dreamy style that I still have not seen duplicated to this day – either by myself or others.

Over the next 15 or so years, I owned a fresh florist business and also studied under a designer who specialized in silks and home interior. I learned so much from those great ladies design wise and also began finding my own expression with design. After many long years of wet hands and chemicals, I developed contact dermatitis which is very common for my profession. It mimics eczema and the result is painful itching open sores. I had to abandon my trade and make myself useful in the world so I went into human resources. A new profession where I could make a positive difference in people’s lives.

I never lost my love for flowers or anything creative and needed a new outlet to express my passions. This blog was born from that desire. This blog will feature crafts, floral arranging, deconstructing designs, DIY home projects, tutorials, along with Pinterest wins and fails. I will also recommend products, tricks on how to get high end decor on a budget, and when to run away from trending styles. I will only recommend products that I have personal experience with that I feel have value.

I plan to share design tips you can use and actually execute. You dear reader will benefit from all of my style successes but mostly from my design failures. Yes failures. Design almost never comes out the way you imagined it in your head. Sometimes it is better.