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Spooktacular Mantle!

Halloween is almost here so I put together a little treat for you…muahaha!! This fun mantle display was not tricky to put together so here is the breakdown in black and white.

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Don’t worry, I won’t be throwing in Halloween puns from here on out…

I basically used things I already had in my home to create this look, but I will hyperlink you to the exact same items or ones that are similar. I know most folks aren’t decor pack rats like me, so just look for the underlined text to take you where you need to go.

First element I used was a cool distressed black and white mirror that I picked up at Big Lots for $15. That’s right $15 smackaroos! I don’t have a link to the exact one since I think it was a local thing, but check your store out, they may have something similar. Next I used some gauze cloth I picked up at Target. I layered, draped, and mixed in some glitter netting from a prior project. I also used a white pumpkin I found at Wal-Mart, no link but here is one similar from Amazon and this one is pretty cool too and less expensive. If you are a fan of buying in bulk and want an assortment go here to pick up a heck of a deal on white pumpkins.img_3022

The crows are a different story, I got these wooden masterpieces at different antique stores made by local artisans. The guy with spread wings I found only yesterday at one such place – a delightful add to my growing collection. In case you haven’t figured it out by now I have a thing for birds…

The far left side of the mantle features some glittering beauties that you can grab at Michael’s – they are having a killer (sorry) sale on Halloween decor right now so better hurry if you want them. I also added in a wreath that I spray painted black and dried wheat grass that I found in some random shop. I feel strongly that if you went to your local craft store you can find both pretty easy.

Now for my favorite part – the crystal ball! It is in fact real crystal, go figure. img_3048-2

I turned a crystal bowl upside down and placed on top of a black salsa bowl. I actually had one that was the perfect size and shape to hold an old crystal bowl and the preceding link shows an identical one.

P.S…..they also make a great looking mini cauldron!

I placed a battery-powered glitter LED light inside and strung spiderweb cotton all around. I used two skeleton hands on either side to finish off. You may be curious as to how I got that smoky look on the bowl so I will be honest – its dust. Probably three years worth. You just can’t buy that look from a store! Maybe I’m not the most OCD of house cleaners but you have to admit, it paid off in the end.

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Here is the finished look –

Happy Haunting! So I lied, I had one last pun in me.
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*Mr. Brownstone Wreath Giveaway*

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Mr. Brownstone

First, make sure you like our Facebook page. Second, like THIS post. Third, share this post. And lastly, comment with whether you prefer a Trick or Treat! That’s it, a few simple steps! Please remember to share the original post so we can track your entry! We will announce the winner next week, good luck!

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We Tried It Wednesday! DIY Chevron Pumpkin

As I was prowling the interwebs for fun easy fall projects I decided to start a series called ‘We Tried It Wednesdays’. Now today is Thursday so I’m either a day late or a week early – however you want to look at it, but at any rate that’s when the thought came to me so there you go.

For this week, I ran across a pin & thought, hey! I can do that! I had a pumpkin on hand (really? who has a pumpkin on hand? I do, so shut it!), I also had white spray paint & duct tape. The necessary ingredients for the perfect storm. Also the necessary ingredients for home ownership – not the pumpkin, but the other two.

Here is said pin from who in turn scraped it from Family Circle who in turn probably made some designer’s life hell with the process of taping, painting, edging, taping and repainting. chev

Completely draws you in with simplistic elegance – the moment your eyes focus on the picture, a hormone is triggered that makes your mind think it’s possible. You could totally be Martha Stewart on a budget with a little bit of black & white paint & change the way your house looks.

What you really want to know and what I will tell you – was it worth trying? Well…I’ll let you be the judge. Here is my first attempt at semi-elegant hipster chevron pumpkins. Let’s go through the steps shall we? First, get yourself a pumpkin & a little black sleepy kitty –img_2734

Tape that sucker up Charlie Brown style. Pro tip – I used duct tape. Mostly because that was all I had in the junk closet but also because painter’s tape will NOT stick to a pumpkin…nope, not even frog tape. Your project will now look something like this…img_2741

Looks like a kidnapping gone bad! I will admit this, I was lazy. I only taped the front & some of the sides. I left the back untouched. I sort of lost interest in this after about 15 minutes which was around the same time that my scissors began to stick together from the duct tape. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. Anyways, I grabbed my spray paint & went to town on the pumpkin. First coat kinda looked like it wanted to slide off in some places so I just sprayed the crap out of it again & dared it to drip. I did not wait between coats because I am a woman of limited patience. The spray painting took like 2 minutes if you’re keeping score with the timeline for this project. Here she is – img_2742

Next I went inside, played with my puppy, got attacked by the now wide awake kitty & opened a Dr. Pepper. I did a few other household things, wondered how much longer it would be for my hubby to get home with dinner & checked Facebook, email, Facebook, Pinterest, Facebook again & debated whether a Reese’s peanut butter pumpkin would spoil my dinner. I also wondered if Reese’s would do a chevron pumpkin with white & dark chocolate if I sent in a suggestion. All of that took me like an hour, again for those keeping up with the timeline.

I finally pulled the duct tape off expecting instant awesomeness. I was only slightly disappointed. img_2744

My eyes rolled. My husband laughed. Being the positive & sweet person he his or from fear of a slap, he quickly followed with “well, from far away it will probably look good!” Perfect sentiment, I concur. So dear friends, my take on this project is do it if you have about 17 minutes, (or an hour & 17 minutes if you have attention issues). Do this if you have a pumpkin on hand, some duct tape, & white spray paint. Do this if your house is far away from the road. Do this if only to remind yourself that you are in fact not Martha Stewart & that anyone who does this same project perfectly must also be able to fold fitted sheets.

I did put this sucker on my porch though. Yep, that baby is proudly displayed with every plant I could find that would hide my sloppy handiwork. img_2749

Martha Stewart ain’t got nothing on me!

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Skeleton DIY Wreath

This fun skeleton wreath is simple, easy, & inexpensive to make! It only required a few items that were easily sourced from Michaels craft store & Target – links to exact items used are in the instructions below.

Wreath prep – 18″ wreath spray painted black, while the paint is still tacky, sprinkle iridescent glitter all over. Tip- do this outside! Let dry and then glaze over the wreath with clear acrylic spray. This will prevent the black paint from fading or bleeding caused by sun or rain. 

Next, grab a few bolts of ribbons you like and make a bow. I used three in different styles of black & white but if you prefer more Halloween colors, go for it! There is no right or wrong just be creative. I made my bow with extra long loops to accommodate the skull in the center. Instead of tying off my bow with wire, I used a long ribbon tail and double knotted. This technique allows me to attach the bow to the wreath using the ribbon itself and left enough length to weave through the skull’s jaw. 

Once I had the skull bow secured, I hung some gauze cloth behind the bow and wired in the top hand. Then I draped the cloth over the center of the wreath in different places. No wire or glue needed for the cloth since it caught on everything & wouldn’t let go easily. 

I wired in the other hand on top of the gauze and glued a cute pumpkin into the hand. 

The finished product turned out great! I had other items on the table to add but it really didn’t need more than this. I set this up on a wreath stand and decked out the table with a few other glittering finds from Michaels. The hand print gauze can be found here.