August 24, 2019 3 min read

Soooo if any of you guys have watched me design live on our Facebook feed, you already have an idea of the cramped quarters I was working in. I had turned my dining room into a craft room and as our business has grown, the design space has shrunk! Not to mention I was using our kitchen table as a design counter and for videos it was less than ideal. 

I've been after the hubs for about a year, (actually 1 year & 3 months but who's counting), to get our sunroom fixed so I could move my design space in there. He finally put floors down & moved all the props in so I could set up shop. Only thing I lacked was a design counter. Since the sunroom is longer than it is wide, traditional tables would just not work. We had to think outside the box & start thinking rectangle. A BIG one, with enough space to do large & long pieces.

Whilst on one of our tours around a favorite antique store, I noticed their cash register counter - it was made up of old doors! I don't know why I had never paid attention to it before, I had been there many times. I was immediately in love & knew we had to duplicate! The hubs was less than enthusiastic...

We found some great old doors and rushed home to plan. This counter required 3 doors which we spent about $150 on total. We could probably have gotten doors a little cheaper but I spied a set of the most beautiful robin's egg blue doors which were fairly pricey but necessary in my opinion. We also got a cheapo white door that had a panel replaced. The white door is pretty beat up, but it didn't matter because it would serve as the end pieces to the counter.

We choose the prettiest blue door with the least damage for the top & the other 2 doors were cut in half. One door cut in half for the front and the other white door cut in half for the 2 sides. Lots of measuring took place folks, & lots of 'are you sure that's right'!?! We only had one minor hiccup when cutting, we thought we removed all the hardware for the knobs & locks, & missed one interior piece of lock mechanism, but the saw found it for us! Here is a look at the dry fit we did before attaching all the doors together ~ 

Attaching all the pieces was a breeze! Mainly because I had NO part in that whatsoever...the hubs attached them using the hinges that came on the doors. If you find doors without hinges, you can find replacement hinges basically anywhere - at salvage stores if you want to keep the vintage vibe or go for new hinges from a hardware store. The top intact door for the counter was laid in place & not attached so we can easily disassemble or move around in the room. Even though it's not attached to the base, it doesn't slide or move because well, it's a door & it's heavy!


Here's the finished piece ~ I love the space on top & not to mention the storage space under this baby!

I couldn't resist adding a quick personal touch with my scissor mount! We love this piece so much already as it is beautiful as well as functional. Our counter pulls triple duty, not only for design & storage but also as a backdrop for product photography! Let us know what you think & if you plan to make your own version!

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