When will my order ship?

We try to ship promptly and typically process your package same day or next. Any order placed after 12:00PM EST will be processed for shipment the following business day. Any orders placed on the weekend will be sent out on Monday. Exceptions would be observed holidays which may delay your order one additional business day.

Processing time is different than actual shipping time, processing is the time it takes to prepare the order for shipment which includes packaging, labeling and delivery set up. Delivery times will depend on the method of delivery chosen at checkout. We primarily ship via USPS as their rates are the most cost effective for our customers and their reliability is great. There are options for priority shipping, but that does not speed up the processing time. We do our best to process quickly for all customers.


How are the items packaged for shipping?

All of our items are packaged securely and with care. Often, your item will arrive in a brand new box that is sized appropriately for the item however, if we have the opportunity to recycle a box that is in good shippable condition we will. This is an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and we feel strongly that anything that can be recycled should be. Wreaths and arrangements are strapped to one side of the box with zip ties to ensure no movement of the flowers takes place during transport. This is the most effective method of shipping. No extra packing material is included unless needed for breakable containers. Packing materials, even tissue paper, can weigh down, twist or crease silk flowers.

I'm worried that my bow will be squished or wrinkled during shipping, how can I be sure my bow will look as good as the photos?

At Crested Perch, bows are our specialty! We carefully package our bows so that they are ready to use right out of the box with no 'fluffing' required. We stuff each bow loop with tissue paper to ensure the bow stays full and keeps its shape. All streamers are rolled and tucked neatly into the base of the bow so they will not crease or wrinkle. We use custom size boxes specifically for the dimensions of our bows to ensure that there is no movement whatsoever during transit. Shifting and tumbling inside the box is what causes damage to items, so ALL of our products are tightly strapped down or packed to allow no movement of the product. Once you receive the bow, simply unroll the streamers from the center of the bow & remove the tissue paper from the loops and your bow is ready for display!  


How do I care for my floral arrangements?

Silk flowers can sustain damage if exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time. Sun will fade colors, wind and rain can cause items to get dirty or make dyes in ribbon run. We use high quality silks in all of our items, but cannot control the force of nature or the passage of time. Please be sure to limit exposure to the elements as much as possible. Full direct sunlight (even indoors) can affect the bonding of glue, especially during hot summer months. If an item becomes loose, simply re-glue in the original spot.


How are bow prices determined?

Our bow prices are determined based by the yard and per fabric. Some fabrics are more expensive from the manufacturer and the bow price will reflect that. Mixing fabrics and adding streamers or requesting longer streamers will raise the price of the bow. It takes approximately 3 yards of ribbon to make a standard florist bow with mid length steamers.

How are the arrangements made? Are they really ALL handcrafted?

All arrangements and wreaths are designed meticulously and professionally by a classically trained designer. All pieces are made in house (literally!) by the owner and no one else. Each stem is placed one by one with thoughtful attention to natural details. Each arrangement is attached to its container using secure sticky clay and industrial strength glue adhering to the professional grade florist foam. Each stem is prepped with a steel pick which grabs the foam with serrated edges and keeps the stem secure in the foam. This process ensures lasting quality for your handcrafted piece. All wreaths are made with stems prepped with industrial strength glue to adhere to the grapevine base.