Meet the founder

I'm Stacey, so happy to meet you! 

I established Crested Perch way back when in 2017 and currently hold multiple titles ~ Designer, Accountant, Processor, Admin, Product Photographer, Merchandiser, Procurement, Customer Service, Social Media Marketer, Web Designer and Shipper. I do everything but hand deliver our products to customers, but if you lived near me, I would probably do that as well!

I do have a wonderful husband, Benjamin, that helps me out so that I can have the time to create the pieces I love. Ben also creates all of the wood boxes my centerpieces are made in. 

I am a Human Resources professional but I'm also a certified florist. I worked as a professional florist and even owned a successful florist business for a number of years. I developed contact dermatitis which is a condition similar to eczema that tends to plague florists & hairdressers, (basically anyone who keeps their hands in water & chemicals a lot), and I had to give up that career. 

I've never lost my love for creating arrangements so I switched over to faux flowers as my creative outlet. My style was born of my love for fresh flowers and each piece I create now has that touch of realism and attention to natural details.

I love all of my designs so much that I feel compelled to name them ~ sometimes it is difficult for me to part with one of 'my girls' and I end up with florist fail and finding a place for it in my home! 

Thanks for visiting my shop, and I'm so glad to have you as a new friend!