Packaging Process

Our Process Ensures Your Piece Is Ready For Display Right Out Of the Box!

All of our items are packaged securely and with care. Wreaths and arrangements are strapped to one side of the box with zip ties to ensure no movement of the flowers takes place during transport. This is the most effective method of shipping & no extra packing material is included unless needed for breakable containers. Packing materials, even tissue paper, can weigh down, twist or crease silk flowers.

To release your wreath or centerpiece from the box, cut the zip ties from the outside of the box & lift the item out. Do not turn the box upside down to cut the zip ties to keep your item from falling out.

 Our Signature Bows Are Expertly Packaged

At Crested Perch, bows are our specialty! We carefully package our bows so that they are ready to use right out of the box with no 'fluffing' required. We stuff each bow loop with tissue paper to ensure the bow stays full and keeps its shape. All streamers are rolled and tucked neatly into the base of the bow so they will not crease or wrinkle. We use custom size boxes specifically for the dimensions of our bows to ensure that there is no movement whatsoever during transit. Shifting and tumbling inside the box is what causes damage to items, so ALL of our products are tightly strapped down or packed to allow no movement of the product. Once you receive the bow, simply unroll the streamers from the center & remove the tissue paper from the loops and your bow is ready for display!