April 23, 2020 2 min read

Ahhh....fresh cut flowers - we all love them, we all want them, but not everyone can afford to add fresh flowers into the weekly budget. You could always go out in the garden and butcher your plants for the few precious blooms you can harvest, but that leaves your landscape looking haggard or can damage your plants.

So what to do you gotta do to get that fresh from the garden look in your home without breaking the bank or destroying your yard?

Go faux!

Faux florals have come a long way baby... and it shows! Stems so realistic you'd swear they're the real thing. Some faux florals even have a light silicone coating to give petals a lifelike feel. Sure, Its a small investment upfront, but you'll have flowers that look fantastic for years!

Realistic florals look great just about any way you arrange them.

Cut short in a vase...

Gathered and laying across chairs or tables... 

Or fully arranged in a rustic container...

My single biggest tip for arranging faux florals in a natural way is to think about how you would arrange them if they were the real deal. 

When I begin a new piece, I approach each flower as if they were real and how I would have found it in my yard, meaning - bloom appearance, how I'd cut to gather them and how many different blooms I could reasonably expect to find in the garden. 

This helps me visualize the arrangement before cutting a single stem. Real garden flowers often have shorter stems and more leaves than florist quality flowers so it makes sense to cut faux stems shorter to draw the arrangement into the vase. Like so -

Adding lots of greens helps lend to the garden look as foliage is more readily available to the gardener than blooms are. So don't skimp on the greens!

Another secret to getting that garden fresh look is to cluster blooms together and then add trailing greens in between to mimic an overgrown wild look.

Another tip is to arrange flowers off center. Fresh flowers will never grow or bend the way you want them to.

Faux florals can be manipulated but that doesn't mean you should bend or twist them to be perfectly symmetrical lines in your piece. You want your piece to have natural flow and movement and the best way to achieve that is to place blooms slightly off kilter.

My last piece of advice for arranging silk naturally is to have fun and don't overthink it! The more you worry over the placement of each stem the more dissatisfied you will be with the finished product. If your mind is clear and open your piece will reflect that.

If you're looking for realistic blooms check out our collection of single stem garden favorites here!

Happy Creating!



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